So, imagine that you have bought ticket for a plane from your country to Rostov-on-Don and have fan's passport and a ticket for the World Cup match in Russia. You have already written out all the major sights of the city, but still have not found the information about how much is a taxi in Rostov, whether there is an English-speaking doctor and where are the currency exchangers. In the practical guidebook you will find answers to all these and other questions about living in Rostov-on-Don.
The World Cup will be held from June 14 to July 15 in Russia.

This time of the year in Rostov-on-Don is hot, the average temperature is +29 C° during daytime and about +18 C° at night.
It is ususally only five rainy days whole all of June in Rostov, so we advise you to bring your summer clothes, suntan lotion, mosquito repellent, headdress and light sweater just in case.

Please note that the hotel room or apartments you booked may have air conditioning. If not, we recommend you look for another accommodation options.
The first thing you'll see when you arrive in Rostov-on-Don is the new international airport Platov. It was built specially for the World Cup - 2018 in Russia.
You will find navigation in the airport Platov is very simple and convenient: information signs are everywhere. Also you can use free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal and exchange dollars, euros and pounds to rubles there. The exchange point of DONCOMBANK is located at the first floor of the airport's terminal. The point is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is important to know that Platov is located 29 kilometers from Rostov-on-Don. The journey from it to the city center takes about an hour.

The route passes through small settlements and there may be traffic jams on the way.

The airport was built specifically for the World Championship 2018 and is named after Ataman Matvey Platov, the leader of Don Cossak Army in 1801 - 1818.

It features interactive games and multimedia expositions devoted to the history of the Don Cossacks. You will see them when you fly home. We advise you to arrive to Platov for half an hour before the scheduled time of your departure.
In Russia you can not pay with dollars or euros. Moreover, you can not pay everywhere with a card in Rostov-on-Don. So we advise you to have some cash in rubles.

You can exchange your money to rubles at one of the exchange points in the city center. Here we have found a service for you, where you can find the best exchange offers in Rostov-on-Don.
You can get to the center of Rostov-on-Don from airport Platov by bus, minibus or a taxi. For a taxi ride you will pay about 900 rubles ($14.5 or €12.25), and the bus/minibus fare is 95 rubles ($1.5 or €1.3).

During match days in Rosto-on-Don you can get to the stadium and to the fan zone by free bus route S5 and route S6. The first one goes to the stadium and only after 2.00PM, and the second - to the Fan zone and only before 2.00PM.
Bus Route #700 and minibus Route #295 go from the airport Platov to the Main railway station in the city center. Buses departs from the airport to the city every hour, and minibuses - every half an hour. You should pay the fare for a driver when getting onto a bus, he accepts both cash and credit card. The bus station is to the right the central entrance to the airport.

If you choose a taxi to the city, we recommend using Uber or Yandex.Taxi services. To do that, you should download an application to your smartphone.

Use services, or AirBNB to find accomodation in Rostov-on Don. We sure you are familiar with and AirBNB. is the Russian ad service and there you can find better offers.
There are few zones with public free Internet access by wi-fi at the center of Rostov-on-Don. You can find such zones in restaurants, cafes, hotel lobbies, at the FanFest and at the stadium Rostov-Arena.

But you can buy one of the four mobile operators sim-card with a large LTE Internet package. It will cost you about 350 rubles ($5.6 or €4.7). Here in Russia, there are cheapest mobile Internet in the world!
You can find detached navigation signs in Russian and English in Rostov-on-Don, which will help you navigate around the city. You can also find those signs on the urban transport stops, underground passages or on the buildings. But if you need to travel long distances around the city, it is better to use urban transport or a taxi.

The fare for urban transport is 24 rubles ($0.38 or €0.32) for one ride and it is better to pay by cash for it. You can plan your trip around the city and find out the routes of urban transports which help you to get to your point of destination in Google maps.
During the match days at the Rostov-Arena stadium about 100 of free buses will connect several points of the city and the stadium.
We have prepared a route for you, which will help you to get acquainted with the city, its main streets and sights. Put on comfortable shoes and do not forget to charge your smartphone.
Rostov-on-Don has a huge number of places for every taste and budget where you can eat and spend your time: luxury restaurants, open cafes, cheerful pubs and bars, a variety of burger cafes and cheap canteens.

All of these places are concentrated at the center of the city. We suggest you to pay attention to the corner of Maksim Gorky street and Gazetny lane. There you can find restaurants and bars with European, Asian and Georgian cuisines and enjoy your meal for about 1000 rubles ($16 or €13.6) per person.
All emergency services in Russia can be called by phone number "112". The services work around the clock.

You can call "112" over your mobile phone even if you have zero ballance or sim-card is blocked. Operators of "112" emergency service will answer you in one of the most popular languages. They speak fluently - English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese.

The service is free.
Emergency medical care for foreigners is free of charge in case of conditions that pose an immediate threat to their lives or require urgent medical intervention (the consequences of accidents, injuries, poisoning). Foreign citizens may be provided with paid planned medical care in cases that do not pose a threat to life.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Rostov-on-Don and we hope that you will like this southern city.

Have a nice trip!